Libki is a cross-platform Open Source computer reservation & time management system.


What is Libki

Libki is a cross-platform pc reservation booking and time management system designed to allow time limited access to computers on a network. Libki is ideally suited for use in locations where a controlled computing environment is paramount such as public access systems, libraries, school computer laboratories and more! It consists of two parts, the Libki server, and the Libki client.


Web-based Server

The Libki server utilizes a web-based administration system that can be accessed from any networked pc via a web browser. From the web administration one can create and delete users, change the amount of time left on an account, send or leave a message for a user, log out and/or ban users, and see which client computers are available and which are currently being used. In addition, the system has a public web interface for viewing which kiosks are available, which are unavailable, and to allow the placing of reservations.


Cross-platform Client

The Libki client is cross-platform and runs on many operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Linux. The Libki client features a counter to let the user know how many minutes are left, and the ability to log off early. Any unused minutes can be used at any other computer running the Libki client. The Libki client can be set to log off from the operating system, or even reboot the computer when a user logs off from the Libki client.


Single Sign-on

Libki support integration with your existing infrastructure via SIP or LDAP. Single sign-on means users need not remember yet another login and password. In addition, enabling single sign-on allows for auto-creation of new Libki user accounts. No need to create them ahead of time!


Print Management

Libki offers optional print management powered by the Libki Print Manager. Libki Print Manager allows print management to be set up and utilized without complicated infrastructure. Libki Print Management offers differentiated pricing per printer, multiple virtual printers per printer to set options ( monochrome/color, duplex/simplex ) and more!



Allow users to access computers on a walk up first-come-first-served basis, require reservations, or both. Libki has a public web interface to use for placing reservations, and creating display boards of available computers.


Access Restrictions

Restrict access to computers by age group, money owed from the ILS and many other flags as well when using SIP2 SSO.


Hours of Operation

Set hours of operation site-wide or for each location and Libki will prevent users from accessing client computers outside those time frames. Libki supports holiday exceptions site-wide or for each location as well.


Guest Accounts

Libki supports guest accounts that may be pre-printed each morning, or generated as needed. Guest accounts may have time limits set independently of registered users.


Customizable Login Screen

The Libki client login screen is fully customizable. The login screen contains banner areas at the top and bottom of the screen that can display anything a web browser can display. The content of these banners can be configured from the Libki server. Additionaly, the logo may be replaced with a custom image.


Automatic Time Extension

Users can be given more time based on demand. Additional time can be limited to a daily alotment or unlimited.


User Notifications

Libki users are notified periodically of time remaining. In addition, Libki alerts users when time is nearly finished. Each minute for the last five minutes. Libki can also alert patrons of waiting holds when using SIP SSO.



Run multiple Libki instances from a single Libki server instance. Each instance acts as a separate Libki server.


Inactivity auto-logout

User can be logged out automatically after a give length of time without detecting mouse movement.

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