I am proud to announce the release of Libki r20.05!

Enhancements in Libki 20.05 include:

  • Better UTF8 handling
  • Add a preference DisplayReservationStatusWithin for client
  • Reservations management tab in Admin interface
  • Administrators cannot delete Super Administrators, nor change their passwords
  • Add ability to set client type and use for advanced rules
  • Add support for CUPS to print management
  • Recognize expired accounts when using SIP2 for single sign-on
  • Upgrade and improve Docker image
  • When using SIP, update the patron name and category on each successful SIP patron information request
  • Add user login access, simplify login for reservation and cancellation
  • Advanced reservations! Patron’s may place reservations for a specific time and date.

PSA: Libki Server 20.05 contains breaking changes to the upgrade script. If you have not upgraded to Libki 19.08 yet, please do so before upgrading to Libki 20.05

Libki Server Release r20.05

Libki Client Release r20.05