As Libki is Free Open Source Software, anybody is free to download, install and use Libki. We have no way of knowing how popular Libki is. That is why we have created this registration page! It would be greatly appreciated if you’d let us know that you are using Libki!

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Why Libki?

Web-based Interface: Libki’s administration interface is based on standards-compliant World Wide Web technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript, making Libki a platform-independent solution. The administration system is web-based for easy use from any operating system, install once and access it from anywhere on your network.

Free Open Source Software: Libki is distributed under the open-source General Public License (GPL). More information on the GPL can be found here.

No Vendor Lock-in: A great benefit of Open Source Software is the lack of vendor lock-in: anyone is free to install and use Libki themselves if the have the necessary skills, or they may purchase support or development services. For more information about obtaining support visit the support page.