Libki 0.2 Is Out The Door!

Hey All,

The official 0.2 release is now available on Sourceforge! The biggest noticable updates are the Clients view, and the troublemaker status.

Libki clients now register themselves with the server, so the clients view allows you to see all the available clients, and which clients have users logged in.

The troublemaker status is a way of tagging abused accounts. If an account is marked as a troublemaker, the accounts password is disabled nightly, forcing the owner of the marked account to have a libki admin reset the password each day before it can be used. In my library, we found that some teenagers were using their friends accounts to get extra time, sometimes 3 or 4 extra account numbers, this allows us to tag all those accounts.

Download Libki 0.2

Coming attractions:

More Koha integration.

Libki Updates

Hello All,

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Recent Activity feed on the front page, you’ve probably noticed there has been quite alot of work done since the first release. I’ve hoping to get a second release out soon, but I’ve been rearranging the directory structure which will slightly break older installations of the Libki Server. Fixing it will only require changing a symlink, so nothing serious. Still, I’d rather do these things early on, breaking it for a few people, rather than more later on. The server directory now contains the daemon and the and server, which has been renamed to app, the standard name for the directory containing a cakephp application. Many small bugs have been resolved as well. I new feature has been added to mark an account as a troublemaker. Accounts marked as troublemakers will have their password disabled nightly, forcing the troublemaker to see a librarian to reset the password so they can use their account for the day.

More updates coming soon,


Libki 0.1 is Released!

Libki 0.1 is the first official release of the Libki Kiosk Management System. Though much time has been spent on developing Libki already, I feel that 0.1 is a good number to start with. Much has been done, and much has been left to do. Expect 0.2 to be released very very soon!

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