Libki is a cross-platform Open Source computer reservation & time management system.

What is Libki?

Libki is a cross-platform pc reservation booking and time management system designed to allow time limited access to computers on a network.

Libki is ideally suited for use in locations where a controlled computing environment is paramount such as public access systems, libraries, school computer laboratories and more!

It consists of two parts, the Libki server, and the Libki client.

The Server

The Libki server utilizes a web-based administration system that can be accessed from any networked pc via a web browser.

From the web administration one can create and delete users, change the amount of time left on an account, send or leave a message for a user, log out and/or ban users, and see which client computers are available and which are currently being used.

In addition, the system has a public web interface for viewing which kiosks are available, which are unavailable, and to allow the placing of reservations ( if enabled ).

The Client

The Libki client is cross-platform and runs on many operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The Libki client features a counter to let the user know how many minutes are left, and the ability to log off early. Any unused minutes can be used at any other computer running the Libki client.

The Libki client can be set to log off from the operating system, or even reboot the computer when a user logs off from the Libki client.


  • Free Open Source Software
  • Web-based administration
  • Web-based reservation system ( also alerts users to open computers )
  • Allow users to access computers on a walk up first-come-first-served basis, require reservations, or both!
  • Cross-platform client
  • SIP2 Authentication ( single sign-on with your SIP2 compliant ILS )
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface


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