Libki 16.04 (Farnsworth) released!

It’s been too long since the last release! Although it’s been two years since the last official Libki release, that hasn’t slowed down development at all! Some of the new features in Libki include:

  • Server internationalization! Current translations include English and Swedish ( thanks Eric! ). If you would like your native language to be supported, let me know!
  • Improved SIP2 support. Libki can now work with many more different SIP2 server configurations.
  • Ability to restrict client usage by age ( when using SIP2 ).
  • Ability to use arbitrary SIP2 fields to deny logins with a custom message.
  • Ability to let a patron know he or she has waiting holds ( when using SIP2 )
  • Automatic time extensions during periods of low computer usage.
  • Support for closing hours. Set your closing hours and Libki will not give users more minutes than they can use up to closing. Closing hours can be set per location.
  • Ability to automatically clear out user history after a given number of days

Download the Libki Server 16.04 source from GitHub. As always, I recommend installing Libki Server via git.

Download the Libki Client 16.04 for Windows from GitHub as well. For other operating systems, you’ll need to build the client for source.


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