Libki 0.2 Is Out The Door!

Hey All,

The official 0.2 release is now available on Sourceforge! The biggest noticable updates are the Clients view, and the troublemaker status.

Libki clients now register themselves with the server, so the clients view allows you to see all the available clients, and which clients have users logged in.

The troublemaker status is a way of tagging abused accounts. If an account is marked as a troublemaker, the accounts password is disabled nightly, forcing the owner of the marked account to have a libki admin reset the password each day before it can be used. In my library, we found that some teenagers were using their friends accounts to get extra time, sometimes 3 or 4 extra account numbers, this allows us to tag all those accounts.

Download Libki 0.2

Coming attractions:

More Koha integration.

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    • Have you joined the Libki mailing list? I’m going to be soliciting opinions on how best to do the reservations.

  1. Kyle,

    First: We are currently running SirsiDynix’s Symphony.
    Second: Let me start by prefacing that we are not a wealthy library and that we are being hit hard by the financial problems that plague our country, state and county. Since all of these problems have started I have looked into Open Source ways of doing business and since we started this Open Source project we have a VMWare setup of a Debian/Koha and and are doing a major project on mapping the DB from Symphony to Koha, yada, yada with hopes of full implementation in the near future.
    Another part of what we have been looking for is your Libki (our current PC Reservation system is with CMS and it is failing and to expensive) so we have purchased Envisionware. We will use Envisionware until we can get an our Open Source alternative like your Libki. We have not started any setup or testing of Libki yet but prior to doing that I was wondering if there was a printing piece or a way for someone to make a future reservation? Also, we are moving to Linux for our Public Internet PC’s will you have a client that will work with a Debian variety PC?

    I also have questions about your KOC module. With you response to this email, if it is alright, I would like to ask some questions about it.

    Thank you,
    Todd Goatley – DCAS
    301 South Center Street
    P.O. Box 2151
    Reno, NV 89505
    W: 775-327-8346
    F: 775-327-8392
    C: 775-771-3489

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